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Cape Air Airlines

The following baggage policies are shown as they appear on Cape Air’s website. Your Vacations To Go travel counselor can answer any additional questions you may have.

Baggage Fees 

All bags below must meet the size and weight restrictions noted in the section entitled Bag Allowance. The below charges apply each way and are cumulative.

Baggage Allowance

For each ticketed customer, Cape Air will transport:

For Transport in the Cessna 402 and Britten Norman Islander – “1 + 1 + 1” Policy

For Transport in the 46-Passenger ATR42

Additional Free Carry-out Items – All Aircraft Types

In addition to the standard allowance, the following will be transported free of charge:

 Excess Baggage, Oversize/Overweight Bags

All excess baggage is carried on a space available basis and is subject to an additional charge.  Any bag that is excess because it exceeds the number of bags permitted as standard bag allowance and/or the weight or size will be subject to cumulative excess charges.  Additional or different charges may apply when levied by a partner airline through interline, code share or other airline partner agreements.