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Mysterious Easter Island

4 days with SITA World Tours   Rating: First Class

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Day 1 – Arrive Easter Island
You will be welcomed upon arrival and transferred to th hotel. Overnight at your hotel.
Day 2 – Full Day Excursion – Moais Route and Anakena Beach
Breakfast at the hotel. Depart from the hotel and travel to the east of the island to visit the Ahu Vaihu and Akahanga, temples formed by platforms or stone altars where Moais (huge monolithic figures carved of volcanic stone) and Pukaos (the hats or topknots formerly placed on top of some Moai statues)are assembled together. Continuing the trip, we will go to Rano Raraku, a volcanic crater formed of consolidated ash, which also contains a lagoon. The volcano has a historical significance for the island, because the Moais were carved on its slopes. Currently there remain 397 of these impressive sculptures. Then we will visit the surprising Ahu, a ceremonial platform, on the island. Ahu Tongariki has got 15 huge Moais. But in fact, it is Te Pito Kura which has the largest statue erected on an Ahu, the Moai Paro, which is 10 meters high and 85 tons in weight. Next to Te Pito Kura we will find a large spherical stone which is identified as the navel of the world – Te Pito o Te Henua. Finally, we will finish our day resting at Anakena, the most popular beach on the island. Besides its natural beauty, what makes it a unique beach is a row of Moais which turn their backs to the sea. Definitely Anakena is an unique landscape to enjoy before returning to the hotel. (BL)
Day 3 – Rano Kau Volcano, Orongo Ceremonial & Ahu Akivi
Breakfast at the hotel. Depart from the hotel towards the Cave Ana Kai Tangata, where on one of its walls, birds are drawn in a stylized painting, representing Manutara (sea swallows) and whose precious egg was the nucleus of the annual birdman competition. Later visit the Vinapu sector archaeological site which is characterized by its large balsato tiles made to fit carefully in a way similar to Inca constructions of Cuzco. Continue to Rano Kau, a lake with small islands of reeds and lush vegetation and micro fauna and the Orongo ceremonial village where the ceremony of the Bird Man competition was performed. The birdman was appointed by the king and was the spiritual and political leader during a period of one year. The sacred character is represented as a human shrunken body with a large beak and is sculpted in many engraved stones. Return to the hotel.
Afternoon tour of Ahu Akivi, one of the few platforms on the island where the Moais face the ocean. According to legend these structures represent the seven explorers sent by King Hotu Matu’a before his colonization voyage. After this visit continue to the site of Puna Pau, a small red scoria crater, where the Pukao, a kind of hat or topknot placed on top of some Moais of the island, were made. Finally, visit Ahu Uri Aurenga, which has a single statue and has the distinction of having an orientation in the line of the winter solstice, marking not only the beginning of this season (tonga), but also the times of different taboos (prohibitions) regulating fishing and other activities on the island. Astronomically it is also facing east, lined with two neighboring hills, and Maunga Mataengo and Maunga Tararaina, as well as 2 smaller Ahu nearby. Return to the hotel. (B)
Day 4 – Depart Easter Island
The day is at leisure until the transfer to the Hanga Roa Airport for the departing flight. (B)
All This Included
Long a destination of mystery, Easter Island offers a special, off-the-beaten-track adventure. You will explore the ancient Moai (sculptures) that have fascinated and baffled history buffs for generations.
  • 3-Night accommodation as per itinerary
  • Full breakfast daily with 1 lunch
  • Scheduled Sightseeing per itinerary
  • Scheduled transfers from Airport
Easter Island: Hotel Taha Tai
  • Hotel upgrades are available.
  • Supplements may apply for special events and holidays.
  • Please ask your Vacations To Go travel counselor for more information.
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