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Discover Europe on a Multicountry Tour

Europe is the most popular destination for tours, and many customers opt for itineraries that visit two or more countries. These multicountry tours provide a great way to sample a variety of experiences while ensuring you don't miss out on the top sights.

A tour director accompanies your group throughout the trip and guides guests through the various languages and local customs as you travel from country to country. An experienced motor coach driver takes care of the transportation, navigating through cities and small towns and along Europe's highway systems.

Many multicountry tours focus on a specific region, like the British Isles, Scandinavia or Central Europe. Here are a few examples of popular combinations. Click any link for lists of tours that visit those destinations and, in some cases, additional countries as well.

England, Scotland and Ireland
England and France
Spain and Portugal
Italy and Greece
Italy and Croatia
Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Norway, Finland and Sweden

If there are certain countries that you'd like to combine in a single tour, click here to use our custom search tool.

We also offer guided vacations that take an even broader look at Europe, covering many destinations across the continent. These are called panoramic tours, and they can last up to several weeks. Click here to view these itineraries.

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