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Terms and Conditions


Booking one of the cruises presented from CroisiEurope shall imply the acceptance of the general and particular terms and conditions of sale stipulated hereinafter. He or she shall therefore be referred to the information contained in CroisiEurope’s brochures in respect of any details concerning the voyage. Cruises or provisions not included in the brochure shall be subject to the same terms and conditions.

CroisiEurope prices are indicated in euro (€), pounds (£), U.S dollars ($) they are given per person and based on a double cabin. They are established on the basis of the prevailing economic conditions applicable from January 2014 and are calculated at an all-in rate including a series of service provisions described in the programs and reserved by the customer but exclude all service provisions that the customer shall reserve and pay for on board and other costs and any expenditure occasioned by a fortuitous event (strike, riot, revolution, weather conditions, water levels, etc.). They depend on various factors involved in their calculation such as the cost of transportation, cost of loading and unloading, port costs, fuel costs, royalties and other taxes, and remain subjected to revision. Therefore, and pursuant to the statutory part of Book II of the Tourism Code, CroisiEurope reserves the right to review their prices in the event of variations in exchange rates, the cost of fuel, economic conditions or any other service provision mentioned in the programs.

The prices, all taxes included, shall be confirmed by the travel agent selling the cruise at the time of booking. In the event of modifications, the adjustment up or down shall not necessarily be operated upon the date of payment for service provisions, but upon the date of use which alone shall prevail. In any case, no price change can be made in the 30 days preceding the departure.

The cost of visas and tariffs for optional excursions are subject to modification at any time without prior notice by the competent authorities, and in this case, will be passed on in full to customers. About the circuits of the brand CroisiVoyages that mention it, prices are set according to the number of participants and are therefore likely to be revised or passed on in full to customers. All services charged on board the boats should be paid on board, before the clients get off.

Unless stated otherwise in the program, for cruises with CroisiEurope and CroisiMer, prices are given as a rough guide and are guaranteed for a minimum of 25 people per excursion. If the minimum number of 25 people is not reached, a price adjustment may be applied on board ship when the excursion takes place, whether such excursion was purchased on board or in the context of an all-in excursions price on booking.

Durations shown do not match with the number of days spent at the destination, but with the entire trip, including transport, either a certain number of nights and do not necessarily correspond to a predetermined number of full days. If, owing to the schedules imposed by the various means of transport, the first and last days happen to be curtailed by a late arrival or a morning departure, no refunds shall be forthcoming. The duration of the voyage is calculated as of the day of convocation to the day of return.

Meals on the first and last days are not included unless otherwise indicated in the program, and will be at the passengers’ own expense. All services on the last day end with breakfast. The classification and category of the hotels and ships (off fleet from CroisiEurope and CroisiMer) are provided by the local authorities in the country and according to their criteria, which may or may not correspond to the French norms. Any claim or complaint arising as a result of the categorization of hotel or ship will not give rise to any refund or payment of compensation.

Bookings may be made at any time in any travel agency, subject to places available. Programs and prices shall be those listed on CroisiEurope sales contracts, which must be taken by the travel agent seller on the copy given to the traveler and signed up for acceptance. The prior information is available in CroisiEurope’s brochure, completed with any amendments, corrections communicated to the time of application for registration with CroisiEurope. The client acknowledges having read all these elements. Your booking shall be considered firm as soon as you have agreed and applied the conditions of the contract.

For CroisiEurope and CroisiMer, the voyage cannot be guaranteed if full settlement of the balance owing has not reached CroisiEurope 30 days prior to the date of departure. Failure to pay the balance upon the dates thus defined constitutes default, which is subject to a clause of immediate resolution of the contract. For bookings made less than 30 days prior to the date of departure, the total sum shall be paid on booking.

For CroisiVoyages, the voyage cannot be guaranteed if full settlement of the balance owing has not reached CroisiEurope 45 days prior to the date of departure. Failure to pay the balance upon the dates thus defined constitutes default, which is subject to a clause of immediate resolution of the contract. For bookings made less than 45 days prior to the date of departure, the total sum shall be paid on booking.

For failure to meet deadlines above, the company CroisiEurope reserves the right to take back seats if the customer has not paid the amounts expected by the company within eight days after the formal notice of payment sent by CroisiEurope.

By virtue of Articles L-441-3 and L-441-6 of the Commercial Code, all late payments shall bring about the application of late payment penalties equal to 1.5 times the legal rate of interest. Furthermore, no discounts shall be granted for early payment.

Travel documents and transport tickets shall be issued to the passenger after payment of the price in full.

For cruises: All modifications to the booking fifteen days prior to departure shall entail a charge of € 50 excluding VAT per person (excluding postage costs, which shall be charged as extra). Such charge is not refundable and is payable immediately by credit card or bank transfer only (no payments by check will be accepted). However, no modifications shall be accepted less than four days prior to departure. Such charges shall also be demanded in the event of transfer of the contract to a third party. Be careful, any change in the cruise date is considered as a cancellation and will be subject to cancellation charges.

For transfers: Should a modification require the change of one or more names of customers, on the date, or on the trip itinerary, CroisiEurope declines all liability as to acceptance or refusal by their various suppliers, particularly the airline companies. Modification charges in the order € 50 excluding VAT added to the total ticket price excluding VAT per person may be demanded by said companies. In the event of refusal, the cancellation charge scales apply.

The tariffs of the airlines used to reach the ports of embarkation are subject to specific terms and conditions of reservation and issue. Once the voyage has started, no modifications are permitted by the airline companies or by the ship owner and no refunds shall be forthcoming. The ship owner shall not meet the accommodation expenses of passengers put ashore in the course of the cruise or at the end of the cruise.

Any costs such as guaranteed overnight delivery, express delivery, etc. rendered necessary by a late booking, strikes by the postal services or other circumstances beyond CroisiEurope’s control shall be billed to the customer.

Should the customer cancel, the refund of amounts paid will be made after deduction of the amounts (cancellation costs) stipulated in the contract. If canceled by the customer, the refund of amounts paid will be made deducting the cancellations fees per person specified in the contract, according to the cancellation date from the departure date, and costs that are non-refundable insurance fees, booking fees, visa fees and any other cancellation fees charged by the suppliers. If one of the passengers in a double room or cabin cancels his or her booking, the remaining passenger shall pay the single cabin supplement. All cancellations must be sent to CroisiEurope by written (email or mail).

All all-in prices including air transport are subject to the general and special terms and conditions of cancellation of the designated airline companies. In the event of cancellation of one or more passengers, the following terms and conditions of cancellation shall be applied:

  • Land, river and maritime services: pursuant to the general terms and conditions of CroisiEurope.
  • Air transport: terms and conditions of the designated airline company, available on the web sites of the respective airlines or from CroisiEurope’s booking departments on request.

No refund shall be forthcoming if the customer fails to turn up at the times and places mentioned in the travel instructions sent to him or her. Likewise, if he or she cannot provide the police or health documents required for his or her voyage (passports, visas, identity card, vaccination certificate, etc.). CroisiEurope cannot be held responsible for a delay to air, rail or land feeder services bringing about the passenger’s failure to appear at departure, regardless of the reason, even if such delay is the result of a case of force majeure, a fortuitous circumstance or the fault of a third party. Curtailment of the cruise shall not give rise to a refund request or credit note of any kind, unless appropriate cancellation insurance has been taken out which includes such option in its general terms and conditions. In this case, the refund shall be made directly by the insurance company. The waiver of any of the services included in the services of the cruise shall not entitle to any refund. Claims on the ground of possible price differences shall not be taken into consideration. The signature of the booking contract and payment of the invoice by the client imply his acceptance of the travel prices and terms. It is impossible for CroisiEurope to take into account, afterwards, reductions or special prices announced after the trip is confirmed.

Reductions apply to the base price before airport taxes, extra costs, handling costs, visa and insurance costs.

The various reductions cannot be used concurrently and cannot be granted subsequent to booking. Reductions are not applicable to promotions.

Individual cabins are allowed in an amount of 10% of the total number. The number of individual cabins shall not exceed 12, on the total number on the boat.

Participants must comply with police and customs formalities in force at the time of the trip and according to their nationality, and have all the necessary travel and transit visas and health certificates for all countries included in the itinerary of the cruise or trip. Non-French and foreign nationals must therefore ask their own consulates about formalities that apply to their personal situation. CroisiEurope advises passengers to check with their travel agency, consulate, embassy and competent health services for any recent modifications. Any passenger unable to embark on a flight or refused entry to a country because he does not have the documents required by the authorities and mentioned on the sales contract or invoice he has signed cannot ask for a refund. In the event of non-compliance, all expenses incurred shall be payable by the customer in full. Whenever CroisiEurope establishes entry documents at the customer’s request (visa), CroisiEurope does so on the basis of information received and cannot be held responsible for consequences, whatever their nature, should that information be found incorrect. Requested documents must be sent to CroisiEurope by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt within the required timeframes and after having checked that their validity complies with the countries’ requirements. They shall not be returned to you before the day of departure. CroisiEurope cannot be held responsible for any delay or non delivery by the authorities in question. The passenger is required to supply the company with all the necessary information to enable it to fulfill its own safety obligations.

Caution: Certain modifications may occur between the moment this brochure goes to print and your departure date. The rules and regulations of different countries change frequently and without prior notice, and are therefore are only given in this brochure as a rough guide. It is up to the customer to make sure of the formalities that will be required on the date of the trip. CroisiEurope cannot be held responsible for the non-observance of formalities it has given at the latest on the day of booking and for fines incurred because of the non-observance of customs and health rules of countries visited.

Reservations from minors shall not be accepted by the travel agency but must be made by the parents or other adults of more than 18 years of age with the necessary authorizations. Minors of ages under 18 years of age are not permitted to travel on board unaccompanied. They must be accompanied by parents or adults of more than 18 years of age. No alcoholic beverages shall be served to minors on board. Proof of the customer’s age may be requested by the ship’s personnel.

All passengers must make sure they are medically, physically and mentally able to make this trip without endangering their lives or those of others. No medical service is ensured on board ship. Any passenger with a physical or mental disability, restricted mobility or an illness that requires treatment or medical assistance or pregnant women must make this fact known to the travel agency at the time of booking. Bookings cannot be accepted when made by passengers with physical or mental conditions likely to make their participation in the cruise or trip impossible or dangerous for themselves or others, or to affect ship safety, or necessitate care or assistance that cannot possibly be ensured on board ship, owing to the unsuitable infrastructure in particular. Some service providers (hotels, airline and river companies...) may request a medical certificate proving fitness or refuse the registration whenever they believe they will be unable to guarantee the assistance necessary to the health and wellbeing of the passenger. Taking part in all CroisiEurope trips and excursions is subject to the passenger being sufficiently mobile to do so. If you have not reported a health problem, you will be responsible for any personal accident, diversion or fees incurred by a forced stop at a port that disrupts the trip. CroisiEurope recommends you wear shoes with non-skid soles suited to life on board ship and excursions. Although not compulsory, some vaccinations may be recommended by the health authorities.

Boarding may be denied and the cruise may be curtailed for any passenger (at his own risk and expense) whenever the captain or person in charge of the ship estimates that the passenger is not able to travel, for administrative or any other legitimate reason, or is disturbing or putting the lives of other passengers in danger. Such a passenger may be disembarked at any port of call, without prejudice to possible proceedings or disciplinary measures by the competent authorities of the State in question and without the ship-owner being held liable. The river company is not bound to refund the missed days of cruise to a disembarked passenger, or to pay any expenses caused by said disembarkation.

At ports of call, reboarding and ship departure deadline timetables are available on board the ship and specified by the person in charge on board. It is up to passengers to observe that time-table. The company declines any responsibility in case of non-reboarding. No refund or compensation will be owing to a passenger in the event of his/her non-observance of these rules.

The excursions described in the brochure are optional (unless stated otherwise). The excursion itineraries defined in the programs are given as a rough guide and may vary owing to external circumstances (for example: adverse climatic conditions, strikes, delays in transport, site closure by local authorities...) or owing to local service providers. Some locations are indeed subject to strict levels of security (The Kremlin and Tiananmen Square for instance). The authorities of countries concerned may therefore close the site at an inopportune time and forbid all visits. CroisiEurope cannot be held liable in the event of unexpected closure. In the event of an excursion being cancelled, CroisiEurope promises to do its upmost to organize a stand-in visit. In the event of a definite cancellation, the excursion will be refunded, with no possibility of claiming additional compensation. With regard to CroisiEurope & CroisiMer cruises, excursion prices are given as a rough guide and are guaranteed for a minimum of 25 people for each excursion. Whenever that minimum of 25 people has not been reached, the price may be readjusted on board at the time of the excursion, whether it was purchased on board or within the scope of an excursion package deal at the time of booking. Excursions scheduled for the evening of embarkation or the next morning are only guaranteed for clients having subscribed to an excursion package deal (unless the minimum of 25 passengers has not been reached, in which case the aforementioned special conditions will be applied). Within the framework of CroisiVoyages products, excursions reserved on site, whether or not mentioned in CroisiEurope programs, are ensured by local organizations that are independent from CroisiVoyages. Even though these may be offered by local agents as a service, they are freely purchased on site and therefore not a constituent part of the trip booked with us departing from France. Descriptions and tariffs are given as a rough guide. Any complaint, incident or accident in their organization must be dealt with on site with the organization in question and cannot incur the liability of CroisiVoyages or the travel agent that sold the trip.

The following are forbidden on board: animals, dangerous objects and products such as unlawful substances, firearms, sharp bladed objects, explosives, oxygen, compressed air or flammable products. The ship-owner reserves the right to refuse boarding to any passenger that has any of them among his possessions. Failure to observe aforementioned obligations will result in said passenger being held responsible for any damage suffered by the ship-owner. Any lost objects or damage to equipment suffered by the passenger must be declared in writing on board and handed in to the purser’s office during the cruise or to the guide or person in charge within the scope of a tour or stay. The statement must be sent to the company by the passenger within 3 days of the end of the stay. Unless it is found to have made a mistake, the company cannot be held responsible for loss, theft, pilfering and/or damage to passengers’ possessions. CroisiEurope crew is at your disposal to help you with your luggage and cannot be held responsible. Its responsibility is limited to €450 per passenger, and this concerns only trips on board CroisiEurope fleet vessels. Concerning CroisiVoyages holidays and cruises, responsibility is incumbent on ship-owners and local service providers. Throughout the entire trip, luggage and supervision of personal effects is the passenger’s own responsibility. CroisiEurope draws the traveler’s attention to the fact that is cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for forgotten objects nor can it search for them or send them on. Consequently, if the customer has forgotten his luggage he will have to pay any additional charges involved in retrieving it. CroisiEurope strongly recommends that passengers take out luggage insurance. In the event of loss, delayed delivery or damage to luggage within the scope of an air transfer, it is up to the passenger to fill in a lost or damaged luggage claim at the airline desk at the airport. The original copy will be required by them to process any complaint.

The ship-owner is not answerable for loss or damage to valuable objects, money, titles, jewelry and personal possessions. CroisiEurope asks you not to leave valuable objects unattended. Furthermore, CroisiEurope asks you not to leave valuable objects, keys, identity papers or medicine that is essential to your health in luggage entrusted to carriers. CroisiEurope cannot be held responsible in the event of damage, loss or theft of personnel effects.

Any subjective assessment will be given full consideration but cannot give rise to compensation. Should a problem occur during the trip, CroisiEurope strongly advises you to talk about it with your guide or purser in order to find a solution in real time. No refunds will be made should a local service fail to be made available or a client decide not to make use of such a service. Any complaint must reach us within 10 days of the end of the trip, by any means that will enable you to obtain the vendor’s acknowledgement of receipt, in accordance with the Tourist Code, and will be taken into account inasmuch as it has been ascertained. The customer must enclose the assessment card (supplied with the travel journal he was given) with his letter, and enclose any supporting evidence regarding the complaint. CroisiEurope informs you that the timeframe for an answer can vary between 1 and 3 months at the most, depending on the duration of the investigation conducted among CroisiEurope services, hotels or service providers as is necessary in the event of a complaint. Any disputes between retailers and trading companies will be dealt with by the Courts of Strasbourg only.

All purchases made on site are under the sole responsibility of the client (example: counterfeit articles, etc…).

The ship owner reserves the right to cancel any cruises in a case of force majeure, adverse climatic or recurrent natural events (rise or fall in water level, cyclone...) or any event likely to result in certain services not being ensured for reasons related to the safety of passengers. Said cancellations can be decided at any time prior to departure with no obligation other than that of refunding sums received. In this case, customers cannot claim any additional damages. Whenever possible CroisiEurope will give passengers the possibility of choosing an alternative cruise of equivalent value and passenger will be entitled to choose between the alternative cruise or a refund, within the terms provided for in such conditions. Should the passenger choose the alternative cruise, he will not be entitled to a refund or compensation. CroisiEurope reserves the right to cancel any cruise up to 21 days prior to departure in the event of insufficient participants; in this case the customer will not be entitled to any form of compensation. The minimum number of participants is set at 80 people for CroisiEurope & CroisiMer cruises, and 130 people for Volga river cruises and 30 people for Dnieper river cruises. Concerning the other destinations in CroisiVoyages stays and tours, please ask your travel agent for the minimum number of participants.

In the event of strikes, riots or adverse climatic conditions likely to endanger the safe running of the vessel, or extraordinary circumstances as detailed in the aforementioned grounds of EC rules and regulations, or any other legitimate reason, CroisiEurope may, at any time and without prior notification, forward or delay departure or port of call times or even change the port of call and will not be held responsible to passengers in the event of cancellation, forwarding or delaying, modification or substitution. CroisiEurope cannot be held responsible for any breach regarding the times of arrival or departure stated within this brochure, whatever the port of call. Within the scope of the CroisiVoyages program, CroisiEurope reserves the right for CroisiVoyages captains, cruise directors, guides and local representatives to modify the itinerary or order of the CroisiEurope program whenever circumstances dictate such action. Generally speaking, and in accordance with universal law, the primary mission of a captain is to ensure the safety of passengers on board. Regardless of the type of vessel and destination, he/she is the sole master on board and can decide to divert the vessel or cancel a stop at a port of call at any moment. The captain can cancel the cruise or modify the itinerary of the cruise whenever he believes it to be in the best interest of passengers and vessel safety. In the event of a cruise being interrupted owing to circumstances of force majeure, the customer will be entitled to a refund for days cancelled but will not be able to claim damages for any reason whatsoever. In the event of such modifications or cancellations occurring during the trip, articles R 211-9 to R 211-11 of the Tourist Code will apply. Possible unforeseen events (non-religious or religious celebrations, political demonstrations, strikes, breakdowns and traffic jams, modifications made by government authorities or any other legitimate reason) can lead to modifications in ports of calls, visits and excursions for which CroisiEurope cannot be held responsible and which cannot result in the client being entitled to claim compensation. Some destinations are subject to particular weather and climatic conditions. Some port of call schedules may be reversed, shortened or cancelled for the aforementioned reasons in particular, without giving rise to compensation. Excursions bought on board shall be refunded in the event of cancellation with no compensation owing. One particular port of call cannot be considered the sole purpose of a program, the aim of which is to discover a region in general and the pleasures of navigation. CroisiEurope will however do all it can to deal with any problems encountered to the best of its ability.

For technical or operational reasons, river boating companies or ship-owners can allocate a cabin other than the one appointed or chosen by the passenger at the time of booking. Whenever this occurs, the new cabin must at least belong to the same category. Said change cannot be seen as a valid reason for cancellation by the customer or as a significant modification in the contract and shall not therefore give rise to compensation.

The high rise in air and railway traffic and events unrelated to CroisiEurope’s will (strikes, technical incidents, adverse climatic conditions...) and safety imperatives mean that charter and regular airline companies and railway companies are not always able to observe programmed schedules. Delays in departures and arrivals are possible and unrelated to the will of the carrier, tour operator or travel agent, and therefore no compensation other than that provided for by the law in force can be granted, regardless of professional or personal consequences caused. CroisiEurope therefore recommends that customers allow sufficient time for return journeys in particular, when relying on connections or when they have important commitments. Modifications in times and dates imposed by railway or airline companies can occur both at departure and on arrival and result in a shorter or longer trip. Acting as an intermediary between the purchaser and the railway or airline company, CroisiEurope will do its best to find the most suitable solutions but cannot be held responsible for possible consequences of such delays or modifications. No compensation will be owed in such cases. Furthermore, CroisiEurope disclaims all responsibility regarding airline and railway transfers not subscribed to via the CroisiEurope tour operator. CroisiEurope advises all customers travelling by their own means before and after the trip to book modifiable or refundable tickets. Any cruise cancelled by the customer due to railway or airline traffic shall not be taken into account. For information purposes, airline companies suggest re-confirming return flights, and it is up to passengers to do so within the required timeframe. Any tickets issues within the scope of CroisiEurope programs, or booked directly by the customer, and not used, whether before or after the trip, shall not be refunded even in the event of a postponed date or cancelled trip. Giving up a booking to take a different flight or train shall not entitle you to a refund for the unused ticket, or payment of the new ticket. Complaints concerning pre/post transportation by air or land, possible expenses (taxi, car park, hotel, booking modifications, non-modifiable tickets...) cannot give rise to compensation on site or on return, or on arrival in a train station or airport that is different from that of departure (ex: Paris Orly, Paris Roissy). This is a brief summary of CroisiEurope’s air and railway policies. Please ask your travel agent for more information.

The consequences of accidents / incidents that may occur during air transport are governed by the clauses of the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions or local rules and regulations that govern national transport in the country in question.

Each passenger (or his or her parents or tutors in the case of minors) is responsible and promises to pay the company for any damage to furniture, equipment or any other element that is part of vessel property, any damage in hotels or planes used by the passenger within the scope of his trip. Each passenger (or his parents or tutors in the case of minors) is responsible and promises to pay the company for any fine received by the company because of an action, omission or violation of the law on the part of a passenger, whether intentional or unintentional. Passports must comply with the rules of the countries included in the tour. It is up to passengers to make sure their passport is valid and complies with requirements.

In its capacity as cruise organizer, ship-owner and charter company, the obligations of CroisiEurope are defined by the combined clauses of the Tourist Code and those that apply specifically and ipso facto to the navigation of the ship used for the purpose of the cruise and in the absence of such a law, to that of the law dated 15th June 1895, as well as the present conditions of which the cruise passenger acknowledges he has been informed. CroisiEurope shall only be held liable for the crew and vessel. Any anomaly must be reported to the purser. CroisiEurope cannot be held responsible for damage suffered by passengers on land: wounds, accidents, losses, irregularities, delays, default of means of transport, etc., attributable to external companies such as airline companies, hotels, reception agencies, restaurant owners and suppliers. Any additional services (transports, accommodation, transfers...) booked in addition to the cruise are not part of its responsibility. The limits of CroisiEurope’s responsibility for bodily injury stands at SDRs 60.000 (SDRs: Special Drawing Rights: International currency) per passenger on vessels belonging to the CroisiEurope fleet in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Strasbourg Convention on Limitation of Liability in Inland Navigation.

Regarding CroisiEurope’s civil liability insurance concerning passengers and third parties, it is insured for Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability by the “Protection and Indemnity Club (P&I)” cover. The trip organizer’s professional civil liability is insured in accordance with the clauses of the Tourist Code. Please ask your travel agent for further information.

An insurance including medical repatriation and assistance for travelers is included in all CroisiEurope cruises and holidays. Please ask your travel agent for further information.

For your own comfort and safety CroisiEurope strongly suggests you take out an insurance that covers cancellation, damage to luggage, civil liability and interrupted stays.

Any information published in CroisiEurope brochures (regarding times and itineraries as well as hotel and vessel facilities) is correct at the time of the brochure going to print but is subject to modification. Whenever necessary these will be pointed out to the customer at the time of registration. Maps, photographs and illustrations are meant as a rough guide and are not binding.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act dated 6th January 1978 and the measures regarding the protection of personal data, the information given to CroisiEurope by its co-contractor is necessary to process your order and essential to service management. With the customer’s consent, this data may also be used by CroisiEurope for the purpose of sending the customer special offers or sales proposals, by e-mail or through the post. The co-contracting party has the right to access and modify all personal data by writing to CroisiEurope.