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Terms and Conditions


All fares are quoted in U.S. dollars and are listed per person.

Sightseeing, all landings, accommodations as indicated in the itinerary, three meals daily on board and port charges.

Not Included:
Fares do not include other land arrangements or services unless otherwise stated. Nor do they include items of a personal nature such as laundry costs, liquor, beer, wine or shore excursions. Verbal quotations will not be honored. All fares, taxes and surcharges are subject to change without notice.

Senior Savings:
Proof of age (67 and over at the time of sailing) is required. Valid passport number and date of birth must be submitted before final payment deadline. If this information is not received prior to issuance of a ticket, there is a $35 per person re-issuance fee.

All meals are included for one-way and roundtrip passengers. Meals are served at set times in the dining room. In high season, mealtimes may vary if there are several sittings. 07:00-10:00 Breakfast buffet with a wide selection of food. 12:00-14:30 Large lunch buffet with hot and cold dishes and dessert. 18:30-21:00 Three-course dinner.

Special Diets:
Hurtigruten Cruises will do its best to meet special dietary requirements. All requests for special meals have to be passed on well in advance of departure.

ADA Information:
All ships, except the two classic vessels, have elevators and cabins specially equipped for physically challenged guests.

Smoking Policy:
Smoking is only allowed outside on deck.

Reservation and Deposit:
To confirm your reservation, a $300 per person deposit is required within 24 hours of booking. Booking information must include passenger's full name, nationality, date of birth and gender. Final payment is due 70 days prior to departure. Checks, money orders, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card are accepted as forms of payment.

Fares are quoted per person, based on double occupancy, and are payable in U.S. dollars only.

Change/Deviation Fees:
Prior to issuance of tickets, changes of confirmed reservations are subject to a $50 per person fee. Any air deviation is subject to a $100 processing per person fee. After ticket issuance, changes may incur additional fees or be prohibited.

Cancellations and Refunds:
Full refund of deposit less a $50 per person handling fee applies if cancellation is made more than 70 days prior to departure. Thereafter, per person cancellation fees are as follows: 69-40 days prior to departure, 25% of total trip cost; 39-22 days prior to departure, 50% of total trip cost; 21-15 days prior to departure, 75% of total trip cost. No refund will be made for cancellation within 14 days or less of departure, or for any unused portion of the trip. Refund claims must be made in writing within 20 days of the termination of the trip.

Itinerary Changes:
While every effort is made to adhere to the specifics mentioned in this brochure, changes may be required at times. Therefore, all prices, itineraries, and other pertinent information are those in effect at the time of printing, and are subject to change without notice. Hurtigruten Cruises reserves the right to make changes in the program due to weather, wind, tidal and other unforeseeable conditions.

Air Transportation:
Travel is in Economy Class via IATA carriers according to the route of the published itinerary. All airfares are subject to change without notice. SAS, Finnair, Icelandair, or other IATA carriers are responsible only for the air travel portion of the program in accordance with the terms and conditions of the airline ticket.

Group Bookings:
Group bookings are welcome. Special booking conditions apply. For group sales information, please contact Vacations To Go toll-free at (800) 680-2858. Detailed information will be provided at this time.

Travel insurance is strongly recommended. The premium, once paid, is nonrefundable. Ask your Vacations To Go travel counselor for details.

Passage Agreement, Limitation on Liability:
Hurtigruten Cruises Inc. acts only as a sales agent on behalf of the principal, Hurtigruten Group ASA ("Company"). Information contained in the brochure or online is not an offer or a contract. The transportation of passengers and baggage on Hurtigruten vessels is provided solely by the Company and is governed by certain terms and conditions. Your acceptance of a ticket constitutes agreement of those terms and conditions.

Responsibility: Among other rights reserved by Hurtigruten Cruises, they may choose not to accept any person as a member of a voyage for any reason. Any voyage may be cancelled, as circumstances so demand. Right is reserved to assess fares and charges at the time of sailing. While care has been given to offer quality services, Hurtigruten Cruises Inc. is not to be held responsible for any act, event, or omission during the time that passengers are engaged in the trip as stated in the ticket. All arrangements for air transportation, lodging, rail, and shore excursions are made by Hurtigruten Cruises Inc. solely as an accommodation for the suppliers' services featured in the brochure or online. Each passenger agrees not to hold Hurtigruten Cruises Inc., its owner, agents, or representatives liable, in the absence of its own negligence, for any loss, injury, expense, or damage that results directly or indirectly from any act or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, of any person or firm that provides any goods or services in connection with the trip or any available option. Without limiting the foregoing, Hurtigruten Cruises Inc. shall have no liability to the passenger for the quality of services and the condition of cleanliness at the hotel or housing facility, or for any transportation delay, including but not limited to liability for inconvenience, shortened vacation time, additional expense, or any other kind of damage. Hurtigruten Cruises Inc. also expressly disclaims any responsibility of any nature whatsoever for any loss, damage, or injury to property or persons from the provision of any air, rail, or motorcoach transportation. Deposit for payment of a reservation constitutes consent to all provisions detailed here.

In the course of Hurtigruten Cruises Inc. acting as a tour operator, it is important to note that the suppliers providing transportation, conveyance, or accommodation are independent contractors and are not agents or employees of Hurtigruten Cruises Inc. All tickets, coupons, and receipts issued by Hurtigruten Cruises Inc. and all arrangements for transport or conveyance or for hotel accommodations are made by Hurtigruten Cruises Inc. as agent of the suppliers. By utilizing the services of suppliers, you agree that neither Hurtigruten Cruises Inc. nor any subsidiary or affiliate of Hurtigruten Cruises Inc. shall be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, or delay incurred by you or those traveling with you in connection with any accommodations, transportation, or other services resulting directly or indirectly from any acts or default of the suppliers or from any occurrence or condition beyond the control of Hurtigruten Cruises Inc., including defects in vehicles or breakdown in equipment. Nor shall Hurtigruten Cruises Inc. be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, or delay resulting directly or indirectly from delays, cancellations or changes in flights, itineraries, schedules, steamers or other services, strikes, theft, sickness, weather, quarantine, or other causes. All tour itineraries and fares may be affected by alterations or delays in air or surface transportation services of the various countries. Hurtigruten Cruises Inc. reserves the right to withdraw any tour in this program and to make such alterations in the itineraries as may be found desirable for the convenience of the parties or the proper operation of the tour. Portions of land arrangements, hotel accommodations, or any other services or feature of the tour that are not used are neither refundable nor exchangeable.

Hurtigruten Group ASA undertakes to transport passengers and their luggage on the following conditions, which the passenger-by reserving and/or buying a ticket- declares knowledge of and willingness to comply with. The terms and conditions for travel by sea are set out below in "Conditions of Carriage." The terms and conditions for shore excursions are set out in "Contractual Terms and Conditions: Shore Excursions."

The contract entered into is an agreement between passengers and the individual shipping company (referred to hereafter as "the carrier" or "Hurtigruten").

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction:
Any disputes shall be resolved under Norwegian law. They should be settled in a Norwegian court provided that this does not conflict with mandatory Norwegian legislation.

The Norwegian Maritime Act:
In any conflict between "Conditions of Carriage" and the regulations contained in the Norwegian Maritime Act of June 24, 1994, no. 39, on travel by sea, the Maritime Act will take precedence.

The Carrier's Liability for Passengers and Luggage:
1. Liability for Passengers and Luggage-The carrier undertakes to indemnify a passenger against loss suffered due to death or personal injury or loss of or damage to a passenger's luggage occurring during the carriage and occasioned by the fault or negligence of the carrier or his agents. The same applies to loss suffered due to delay in the carriage of passengers and to delay in the carriage or delivery of luggage.

The carrier is not liable for money, securities, and other valuables such as gold, silver, jewels, ornaments, and works of art, unless he has received them for safekeeping. The burden of proof lies on the claimant as to the extent of the loss and as to the event having occurred during the carriage.

In the case of loss due to personal injury or to damage to cabin luggage the burden of proof also lies on the claimant that there was clearly fault or negligence for which the carrier is liable.

2. Safety Regulations. Prohibition of Dangerous Loads-For considerations of safety, passengers must not without the knowledge or consent of the carrier have in their luggage dangerous things or substances including, but not limited to, explosive, flammable, or corrosive substances including fireworks.

3. Exceptions-The carrier is not liable under the provisions of Clause 1 in the following eventualities:

  1. For personal injury suffered before the passenger embarks or after the passenger has landed, unless it occurs during a sea passage between ship and land which is included in the price of the ticket or in connection with transportation provided by the carrier.
  2. For cabin luggage before it is brought on board or after it is taken ashore, except during a sea passage as in (a) above or during the time the carrier has possession of the luggage while the passenger is on the quay or at the terminal or at another installation in the port.
  3. If it is agreed or clearly understood that a certain part of the carriage shall be undertaken by a named sub-carrier, the carrier will not be liable for loss occasioned by an event occurring while the goods are in the care of the sub-carrier. The above also applies to claims against the carrier which are not based on the contract of carriage.

4. Limitation of Carrier's Liability-Liability for personal injury shall not exceed SDR* 175,000 per passenger. Liability for delay to a passenger's journey shall not exceed SDR 4,150. Liability for losses suffered as a result of loss of, or damage or delay to, luggage shall not exceed:

  1. SDR 1,800 per passenger for losses relating to cabin luggage.
  2. SDR 6,750 per passenger for losses relating to valuables received for safekeeping.
  3. SDR 2,700 per passenger for losses relating to any other luggage. The sums stated in ( A ) and ( B ) above apply to each journey. Higher limits of liability may be agreed in writing between passenger and carrier. The exceptions to and limitations of the carrier's liability apply even when the claim is not based on the contract of carriage. These exceptions and limitations apply similarly if the claim is made against one of the carrier's agents and those concerned prove that they acted in that capacity or in fulfillment of the contract.

5. Excess-The carrier has the right to deduct not more than the following sums from any loss arising:

  1. SDR 20 per passenger in the event of loss of or damage to other luggage.
  2. SDR 20 per passenger in the event of loss occasioned by delay.

6. Alterations to Route or Vessel. Mutual Right to Cancel-The carrier reserves the right to make alterations to the schedule with regard to planned ports of call or their stated sequence. In the same way he can fulfill the contract of carriage with another ship of the same standard as declared without affecting the price of the ticket.

If a suitable vessel cannot be obtained following breakdown, the contract of carriage is canceled against full refund of the ticket price for the part of the journey concerned.

If the passenger does not show up for the voyage or curtails it, the carrier has the right to the agreed consideration unless the passenger is dead or hindered by ill health or other reasonable grounds and the carrier is so informed without unreasonable delay.

7. Time Bars-The carrier's liability for personal injury or delay expires two years from the day the passenger left the ship. If death occurs after landing, the time limit becomes two years from the date of death but not more than three years from the date of landing.

Liability for luggage expires two years from the day the passenger left the ship or the luggage was landed or delivered.

8. Applicable Law and Legal Venue-The carrier is subject to the Norwegian Maritime Act of June 24, 1994, no. 39. Legal action related to the carriage can only be brought before a court:

  1. where the defendant is domiciled or where the company has its head office,
  2. at the place of departure or at the destination for the carriage contracted,
  3. in the country where the plaintiff is domiciled, if the defendant has an office in that country and can be sued there, or
  4. in the country where the contract of carriage was entered into, if the defendant has an office in that country and can be sued there.

In the event of a dispute arising, the parties may agree that it should be settled by another court or by arbitration.

Contractual Terms and Conditions:

Shore Excursions
The carrier reserves the right to cancel excursions if an insufficient number signup, and to make changes in the program. If the excursion passenger suffers injury to his or her person or damage to his or her property, the carrier shall be liable to pay compensation under the applicable compensation scheme provided the loss or damage is due to the carrier or someone for whom it is liable under the rules of chapter 2 of the Norwegian Damages Act of June 16, 1969, no. 26.

The carrier shall not be liable for loss or damage that occurs during the excursion unless liability can be based upon inadequate supervision or exposure of the passenger to unnecessary risk without the passenger's knowledge. Any disputes shall be resolved under Norwegian law before a Norwegian court.

Travel Protection:
Hurtigruten Group ASA is bonded by the Reisegarantifondet.

*SDR (Special Drawing Rights) means the special drawing right which is laid down by The International Monetary Fund. The value of 1 SDR is given in the banks' daily listings of currency exchange rates.

If a passenger is found to be traveling on the Hurtigruten Cruises without a valid ticket, a penalty charge will be issued in addition to the cost of the journey.

Hurtigruten Cruises reserves the right to amend the information, conditions, and prices contained in this brochure and its supplement(s).