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Hiram Bingham

While traveling between Cusco and Machu Picchu, the Hiram Bingham train gives passengers the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery of Peru while enjoying the luxurious amenities the train has to offer. Each of the carriages are decked out in blue and gold, polished wood, gleaming cutlery and glittering crystal.

Along with the stunning interior, the train is composed of  two dining cars, an observation bar car, and a kitchen car. The train holds up to 84 passengers who are served by a team of dedicated waiters who will attend to your every need and make sure your journey is as comfortable as you imagined.
Train Details
Year built:  0
Train type:  Excursion Only
Countries:   Peru
Carriages- Luxuriously coloured in their distinctive blue and gold and are furnished in the style of the 1920’s Pullman carriages. Each are furnished in polished wood and brass with large chairs and plenty of space to stretch out. As you board, the tables are exquisitely laid, ready for your meal, with gleaming crystal and polished cutlery.