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The Canadian

The Canadian train is aptly named as it travels across the vast country to link Toronto in the east with Vancouver in the west. This train travels through some of the most inspiring scenery in the world while also giving travelers attentive and courteous service and outstanding dining. While on board you'll also enjoy educational activities to help you further discover Canada’s culture.

Visit the Skyline car to admire the landscapes in the panoramic section or get acquainted with other travellers in the café or lounge, the dining car where attentive staff will provide you with a delicious meal or the Park car that offers 360-degree views from the panoramic upper observation deck.
Train Details
Year built:  1978
Train type:  Overnight on Train
Countries:   Canada
Sleeper Plus Class - Amenities include turn-down service, exclusive access to the shower, and an abundance of little extras, like a personal shower kit and earplugs. Also includes exclusive access to the departure lounge and priority boarding in Toronto and Vancouver.

Economy Class - Includes spacious seats and space to stretch and relax and electrical outlets on all the seats. A blanket and pillow set including polar fleece cover, neck pillow, eyeshades and earplugs, is available for purchase.